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Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Inilah Kegiatan Yang Dilakukan Para MIlyuner Di Eropa Setiap Harinya

You reach out to turn off your IPhone (Steve Jobs) alarm. And waking up in your most happy apartment at the Upper West Side’s Trump Place (Donald Trump).

7 a.m
Went for your morning Shower, using Kohler fixtures (Herbert Kohler). Your wife actually wake up earlier and are putting on makeup (Ronald and Leonard Lauder) and have chosen your business shirt(Leslie Wexner, Ralph Lauren) for you.
8 a.m
To start your dieting plan, you decided to have banana from Dole Foods (David Murdock) and coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts (owned partly by Tom Lee).
9 a.m
You toss on your Oakley sunglasses (James Jannard) and hopped into a Enterprise rental car (Jack C. Taylor). Your car was sent for repair due to a minor accident last weekend.
10 a.m
You reached your office. Decided to read the Daily News (Mort Zuckerman) or The Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch) to start your day.
11 a.m
Make an urgent call to client on a cellphone with technology developed by Qualcomm (Irwin Jacobs).
12 p.m
You decided to launch your favourite search engine, Google (Sergey Brin, Larry Page), to search for new gadgets while checking out a hilarious video send by your colleague on YouTube (Sergey Brin, Larry Page).
1 p.m
YOu’re hungry and ordered some pizza to lunch with co-workers. Sprinkled the must have mozzarella cheese from Leprino Foods (James Leprino) on top of your pizza.
2 p.m
Time for some social networking on your Facebook page (Mark Zuckerberg) plus adding some new pictures taken during the weekend trip. You happily transferred all the pciture loaded on Kingston Technology memory card (David Sun, John Tu) up to your facebook album.
3 p.m
You borrowed new issue of Vogue (Si Newhouse) from your colleague to browse for wedding anniversary gift.
4 p.m
After checking the stock market on Bloomberg terminal (Michael Bloomberg), you called ‘Schwab’ broker to sell a few stocks (Charles Schwab).
5 p.m
Got your paycheck from Paychex (B. Thomas Golisano) and decided to spend 25% of the money on stock picking books and motivational DVDs on (Jeff Bezos).
6 p.m
Stop by the gas station near your house to refuel. (George Kaiser, Kaiser-Francis Oil, or Harold Hamm, Continental Resources).
7 p.m
Put on your Nike gear (Philip Knight), and headed straight to the park for a short run.
8 p.m
Catch your daily CNN news (Ted Turner).
9 p.m
Bath and change into your Gap jeans (Donald and Doris Fisher) to meet friends in the town pub.
10 p.m
Watch the Dallas Cowboys (Jerry Jones) take on the New England Patriots (Robert Kraft) on Monday Night Football.
11 p.m
Have your shot of tequila (John Paul DeJoria).
12 a.m
Eat a burger at Wendy’s (Nelson Peltz) and return home to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (Sumner Redstone) on TiVo. Cable TV provided by Cablevision (Charles Dolan).
1 a.m
Unable to sleep well for the past 2 days, you decided to consume a generic sleeping pill from a pharmacy serviced by Kinray (Stewart Rahr).
2 a.m
While you’re dozing off, crops and meats are being processed in Ohio (Cargill family).
Crops are fed with fertilizer from Koch Industries (Charles and David Koch) to help them grow.
3 a.m
Oil is being refined and transported to city by United Refining (John Catsimatidis).
4 a.m
Your office documents to be mailed, are being flown to London and Germany via FedEx (Frederick Smith).
5 a.m
Local grocery store is being restocked with food brought in on trucks owned by Schneider National (Donald Schneider).
Time to wake up at 6a.m

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